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For further queries regarding the Effectiveness Review of Council, please contact Colette Milner, Secretary to the Effectiveness Review Group (email, tel: 01225 383075).

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Internal News - 31 May 2005

Effectiveness review of Council: update

The Effectiveness Review Group has conducted a review of the effectiveness of the University Council as the governing body of the institution. The Group wishes to thank all those who submitted comments to and participated in the review process.

The Report of the Review Group (including full details of their recommendations to Council) can be downloaded in pdf - please see related links section to the left. The key recommendations of the Review Group approved by Council on 13th May 2005 and recorded in the draft minutes of the meeting are summarised below.

Matter for Further Consideration: membership of Council

Drawing on the conclusions of the Dearing (1997) and Lambert (2003) Reports, and of the Committee of University Chairmen (2004), the Review Group recommended that the size of Council be reduced from 40 to 26. Section D, Para (7) on Page 17 of the Report sets out the proposed reduction in detail. Council considered this recommendation on 13th May 2005. Concern about the proposed reduction of the following categories of membership of Council was expressed, as follows:

Two further issues were raised:

The Review Group was requested to re-consider its recommendation on the future size of Council, taking account of the above views, and report back to the next meeting of Council on 1st July 2005. Members of the Review Group would welcome comments from members of the University community on the size of Council. Please send your comments to by Monday 13th June 2005 at the latest.


Summary of key recommendations approved by Council