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Professor Stephan Lautenbacher
Professor Dr Stephan Lautenbacher

Internal News - 31 May 2005

Visiting Professor to spend sabbatical with the Pain Management Unit

The Pain Management Unit at the University of Bath is delighted to announce that Professor Stefan Lautenbacher from the University of Bamberg, Germany, will be spending his sabbatical with them over the Summer.

Professor Lautenbacher has been at the forefront of innovative psychophysiological work into pain perception within both healthy and clinical groups, and has particular interests in the attentional mechanism involved in pain. He also shares interests in differences between men and women in the perception and experience of pain.

Dr Ed Keogh of the Pain Management Unit says
"we are delighted to have Professor Lautenbacher here and for us to have the opportunity to work together on a range of important topics, such as the role that psychological factors play in the experience of pain. We are looking forward to his start in the unit on 1st June".