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Internal News - 01 June 2005

Death of Richard Gage (‘Dick’) Dening

With great sadness colleagues in the Department of European Studies and Modern Languages have learnt of the death of Dick Dening, at the age of 82, on 24 May 2005.

Dick was the first lecturer in German to be appointed at what was then the Bristol College of Science and Technology in 1964 and helped to set up the School of Modern Languages on the new Claverton Down campus in 1969.

He was closely identified with the early success of the postgraduate diploma in Interpreting and Translating, and the BA in European Studies which led to the rapid expansion of Modern Languages at Bath in the 1970s.

Dick wrote what was probably the first literary study to be published by the Bath University Press - an analysis of the novel Der Arzt Gion by one of his favourite authors, Hans Carossa, which appeared in 1973. Dick also acted as treasurer of the local branch of the AUT in its early years.

Dick retired from the University in 1983 and enjoyed his years of retirement with family and friends in and around Bath. He is survived by his wife Sali, their three children Edward, Thomas and Ruth, and their grandchildren.

The funeral ceremony will be on Tuesday 7 June at midday at Haycombe crematorium in Bath.