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Make Poverty History

For tickets, contact the Wellbeing in Developing Countries Research Group at the University on 01225 384514 or email
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Make Poverty history discussion - Wed 21 June
Make Poverty history discussion - links to PDF of poster

Press Release - 13 June 2005

Jonathan Dimbleby discussion: ‘Eradicating poverty: making aid more effective’

World poverty is once again high on the international agenda. You can join the debate when Jonathan Dimbleby chairs a roundtable discussion on ‘Eradicating poverty: making aid more effective’ at the Guildhall, Bath, from 7-8.30pm on Tuesday 21 June.

The G8 summit, the Live 8 concerts, the launch of the Make Poverty History campaign and the UN Review of the Millennium Goals all contribute to making 2005 an important year in the fight against poverty.

There is a growing consensus that the task of reducing poverty in developing countries is one of the greatest challenges facing the global community. The roundtable discussion will explore why despite huge aid efforts, widespread poverty persists in so many countries and in some cases, actually worsens. Allister McGregor, Director of Wellbeing in Developing Countries ESRC Research Group, University of Bath, argues, “Efforts to eradicate poverty will continue to be compromised if aid agencies are not able to generate a clear and thorough understanding of the processes that make poverty happen, and then apply this systematically in their work”.

The roundtable discussion is part of Social Science Week, organised by the Wellbeing in Developing Countries Research Group. This group is dedicated to the study of poverty, inequality and the quality of life in developing countries. Its current research programme is to develop a framework to help better understand the social and cultural construction of ‘wellbeing’. This methodology is being developed and tested in detailed studies with collaborating research organisations in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Peru and Thailand.

A panel of experts will participate in the discussion including: Allister McGregor, Duncan Green (Head of Research, Oxfam), Joe Hanlon (Advisor to Jubilee 2000, Open University), Don Foster (MP for Bath) and Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem (Director of Justice Africa, General-Secretary, Pan African Movement).

Social Science Week runs from Monday 20 to Friday 24 June 2005. Other related events include a free exhibition on ‘Eradicating global poverty: challenges and prospects’, in Green Park Station, Bath, between 10am-4pm from Tuesday 21 -Thursday 23 June.

There are limited seats available for the roundtable discussion. For free tickets, or for further information on Social Science Week, contact the Wellbeing in Developing Countries Research Group at the University on 01225 384514 or email Further details of the research group are available on at

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