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Postgraduate Association
Postgraduate Association

Internal News - 02 June 2005

First postgraduate conference hailed a great success

The first ever conference for postgraduate students at the University took place on Wednesday, with the aim of promoting cross-disciplinary and collaborative research in Bath.

More than 300 students from all academic departments took part in the lectures and poster presentations organised by the Postgraduate Association (PGA), which hopes to organise similar events on an annual basis.

As well as giving postgraduate students the opportunity to find out about research developments in other departments, and discuss ideas for collaboration and exchange, the conference also brought together students for an evening social event.

“Being a postgraduate researcher can become a challenging career choice, so one of our core aims was to give students the opportunity to meet other people in similar situations,” said Graham Dickinson, Chair of the PGA.

“Giving people from different departments the opportunity to meet and discuss research ideas can be particularly beneficial, even in very different areas there are opportunities for collaboration, and this can only be promoted through this kind of event.“

The conference included lecture sessions from staff and students, as well as more than 60 poster presentations.

Delegates at the conference were able to fuind out about research developments in subjects ranging from management to molecular biology.

“We are really pleased with the way the day went, and hope the PGA will be able to run something similar next year,” said Dickinson.

“We have received lots of positive feedback and I think this can become a very useful experience for postgraduate students and their research colleagues at the University.”