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obbie Price, Printing Unit Bookbinder
Robbie Price, Printing Unit Bookbinder, demonstrating craft binding
Stuart Williams
Stuart Williams showing samples of the Unit's work
Ryan Snell
Ryan Snell using print finishing equipment.
Photos by NIc Delves-Broughton, University Photographer

Internal News - 20 June 2005

Printing Unit Open Day

The Printing Unit's first Open Day held last Wednesday (15 June) was attended by 165 visitors.

Marketing Services Consultant Gerard Kennedy, who is currently leading a six month working review of graphic design, printing and copying at the University said, "We expected about 50 people to attend, so I am absolutely delighted with the large number who found time to visit the Unit on Wednesday.

"Since we started the review eight weeks ago many changes and improvements have been made to our service. The Open Day was an ideal opportunity for Printing Unit staff to 'market' the various services we provide.

"As well as being an opportunity for our customers to learn more about our services, it enabled them to let us know what kind of service they want for the future. It was very useful to hear people's ideas and suggestions."

The next big improvement to the Printing Unit will be the arrival of a new large-format poster printer in two weeks' time. This new machine will replace the old printer which broke down recently and could not be fixed. The new model will be able to print posters up to 1110mm wide and, because it prints on to rolls of paper rather than sheets, the finished poster can be as long as required. It will also enable the Printing Unit to bring in-house the production of exhibition material such as pop-up stands and exhibition panels.