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Award ceremony in the Abbey
Award ceremony in the Abbey
Award ceremony in the Abbey
Photos by Nic Delves-Broughton

Internal News - 23 June 2005

Processing Academics & VIP Guests

This year's Summer Awards Ceremonies will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 19, 20 & 21 July 2005

Please make your way to the Brunswick Room in the Guildhall at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony, where tea & coffee will be available. VIP guests will be escorted from the Guildhall to their seats in the Abbey 10 minutes before the procession

If you have requested a hired gown, it will be delivered directly to the Brunswick Room for collection. Please return the gown to the Brunswick Room after the ceremony has finished.

Transport/Car Parking
Avon Street car park is a suggested car parking area in Bath or you may wish to park on campus and use the transport provided. Coaches (NB for staff & VIPS only) will depart promptly from the lay-by in West Car Park to the Abbey and return to campus thus:

19 July
Congregation 1
Depart: 9.45am Return: 11.40am
Congregation 2
Depart: 1.30pm Return: 3.30pm
Congregation 3
Depart: 4.30pm Return: 6.30pm
20 July
Congregation 4
Depart: 9.45am Return: 11.40am
Congregation 5
Depart: 1.30pm Return: 3.30pm
Congregation 6
Depart: 4.30pm Return: 6.30pm
21 July
Congregation 7
Depart: 9.45am Return 11.40am
Congregation 8
Depart: 1.30pm Return 3.30pm
Congregation 9
Depart 4.30pm Return 6.30pm


For those processing in Ceremonies 2 & 3 on 19 July, Ceremonies 5 & 6 on 20 July and Ceremonies 8 & 9 on 21 July, high tea will be available in between these ceremonies from 3.45pm – 4.45pm, served upstairs in the Kapsovar Room in the Guildhall.