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Internal News - 03 June 2005

Student wins national powerlifting competition

University of Bath student Pete Brooks recently claimed first place in the Oxford University Deadlift Championships - a national competition for amateur and professional powerlifters.

Pete, a final year student in International Management and Modern Languages (French), lifted 182.5 kg to win his category - a weight over two and a half times his body weight.

Fellow Bath student, Terry Astridge (BSc Mathematics), picked up third place in the same weight category - giving the University of Bath two places on the winners’ podium.

“The competition is made up of three lifts, you rest between lifts while the other competitors lift - the heaviest lift in your weight category wins,” said Pete.

“Once you have selected a lift weight you can't go any lighter than that for any of your three lifts.

“After winning, I was presented with a trophy and an Oxford Uni powerlifting club vest at the award ceremony at the end of the day.

“The event was great fun but rarely sees competitors from Bath.”

Powerlifting is a relatively new sport that is taking off around the world. There are three lifts performed with a bar-bell that are similar to lifts used by many weight-trainers.

The idea is to lift as much as possible, and lifters have three attempts on each type of lift:

The Squat - With the bar across the shoulders, the lifter bends his legs until the thighs are parallel to the floor. He then stands upright again.

The Bench Press - Lying on the bench, the bar is lowered, and must pause on the chest before being pressed back up.

The Dead-Lift - The bar is pulled from the floor until the lifter is standing up.

Compared to weightlifting, powerlifting relies much more on the lifter's strength and control.

Pete has been practicing powerlifting for about six years and trained at the Sports Training Village since he arrived at the University four years ago.

“There are lots of similar events to this one held all over the UK and a lot of strong lifters at the STV but no powerlifting Team,” said Pete.

“Had I my time again here I would start a club, as the one at Oxford has become quite an institution.

"People that are interested in taking part in Powerlifting competitions can find out more from the British Weightlifters’ Association website.”