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Internal News - 07 June 2005

Twenty quid to think of a name...

A company based at the University in Swindon needs help in finding a catchy name for a new product. They'll pay £20 expenses, provide travel and a free lunch to students willing to help.

A group of engineers based at the University in Swindon is developing an exciting (it really is!) technology for tomorrow's gadgets. It's the kind of thing they hope will become as common as wireless, SMS or similar technologies. The problem is that at the moment it is called SC200, which is not very exciting.

They need help in finding a name. Recognising that they are crusty engineers, they would like a group of about 18-25 year olds to give them some input into what the name should be. Volunteers will be paid £20, given a lift to and from Swindon and a free lunch to take part in a focus group from 12 noon to 3pm tomorrow (Wednesday 8 June).

If you can help or would like to get involved, please contact Graham Macleod on 01225 388697.