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Press Release - 19 July 2005

Exceptional students graduate from University of Bath

Among those graduating from the University of Bath this week will be a number of exceptional students that have made outstanding contributions to University life or overcome major challenges in achieving academic success.

The graduation ceremonies take place in 19-21 July in Bath Abbey.

Helen Brayley - Communications Engineering with Psychology
Graduates – 5.15pm, 20 July 2005

As one of the only students in the UK to combine engineering with psychology, Helen conducted groundbreaking research which is to be presented at an industry conference in China next month. Later this week Helen will graduate with a first class honours degree. In addition to her academic work she dedicated her time to raising the awareness and understanding of higher education amongst local schoolchildren.

Helen said, “I became very involved in the University’s widening participation scheme and the mentoring work I did in local schools led me to do a teacher training course.”

Michael Porton – Masters in Mathematics
Graduates – 5.15 pm, 21 July 2005

Michael started his Mathematics degree aged 16, two years ahead of his peers. In his first year he continued to play professional football with Bristol City, and played with TeamBath throughout his degree. Next week he will graduate with first class honours.

“Studying at Bath offered me a wealth of opportunity both academically and in sport,” said Michael. “My department was always very supportive whilst always challenging me to achieve.”

During his time at Bath Michael also tutored first year students and local school children, was an RAF Officer Cadet and fundraised for charity.

Kristoff Beanlands – Chemical Engineering
Graduates – 10.30am 20 July 2005

Kristoff was one of only five Chemical Engineering graduates in the UK to be awarded the prestigious Graduate Prize by the Salter’s Institute. The prize is awarded to students earning a first class honours degree and who demonstrate commitment and leadership potential in the profession of chemical engineering. Kristoff is one of only eight UK Chemical Engineering graduates to be offered a job by BP, three of whom were from the University of Bath.

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