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Internal News - 19 July 2005

New finance system for University - Progress report

A year ago the University started to consider seriously the replacement of its existing finance system software.

In November 2004, the MARS project was initiated to identify a supplier of more appropriate software which would enable the University to manage its finances in a manner which reflected the changing needs of the University.

The process of supplier selection has involved in excess of 60 staff from all parts of the University attending demonstrations, initially by a long list of six suppliers, then more detailed demonstrations given by a short list of three suppliers. These were complemented by an extensive list of requirements which each supplier had to indicate the ability of their system to satisfy. A group of ten staff then went to visit other HE institutions using the three suppliers' software and the suppliers' offices themselves.

Discussions took place which incorporated all 60 staff with a final meeting chaired by the Director of Finance, from which a recommendation of a preferred supplier and a first reserve was made.

The recommendation was endorsed by Executive Committee on Thursday 7 July 2005.

Agresso are to be asked to move to preferred supplier status, with Distinction acting as a first reserve.