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Press Release - 29 July 2005

Mobile telephone “scratchcard” interface creates new opportunities for mobile marketing

New application enables “scratch and reveal” content delivery interface on mobile handsets.

UK-based company, Telescratch has launched its revolutionary Splash, Scratch and Reveal (SSR) technology for mobile phones.

Provided as a ‘white label’ campaign to brand and content owners, the SSR application enables consumers to request a download of branded content. A familiar scratchcard interface allows the user to reveal a ‘call to action’, for example a new-product announcement, a discount voucher or a prize draw entry. The application is Java-based and is compatible with a significant number of handsets currently used in the UK and around the world.

Phil Davies, Telescratch Director, said: “Telescratch SSR technology allows brand and content owners to take the traditional scratchcard format into the fast growing mobile arena. It provides a new way for people to engage with brands and also offers a new channel for prize giveaways and downloadable mobile content.”

The Telescratch application model is flexible, with costs distributed between the player and the brand owner depending on the nature of the promotion. Davies said: “Competitions that deliver brand exposure to targeted audiences demand a different charging model to those that offer a prize to the player.”

Consumers actively engage with SSR based campaigns as a result of media advertising, direct mail or SMS text based messaging. This active and ongoing engagement enables brand and content owners to use the application for customer acquisition, data capture and future communications.

Telescratch has established relationships with leading content owners, brand management agencies and mobile telephone operators.


Telescratch Telescratch is focussed upon delivering innovative marketing campaigns to mobile phone users based upon Splash, Scratch and Reveal (SSR) technology. This technology is licensed from Akriga Ltd, the developers of "LiveScratch" web based scratchcard technology.

“LiveScratch" has been previously utilised by major companies. Senior personnel from Akriga Ltd are founding directors of Telescratch.

Telescratch is based out of the Innovation Centre in the Oakfield Campus of the University of Bath in Swindon.

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