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Some members of the photonics group - click photo to enlarge
Some members of the photonics group - click photo to enlarge

Press Release - 07 July 2005

Photonics group is highly collaborative

The Photonics & Photonic Materials Group is based at the Department of Physics, University of Bath.

The group was formed in March 1996 with the arrival of Professor Philip Russell, and it currently consists of six permanent members of academic staff, two advanced research fellows, five postdoctoral research associates, ten PhD students and constant stream of visitors from all over the world.

Professor Russell, a Fellow of the Royal Society, had the idea of photonic crystal fibre in 1991 and continued his work on them at Bath when he moved here in 1996 with co-researchers Professor Jonathan Knight and Dr Tim Birks. They reported the first working photonic crystal fibre in 1996.

Since then the field has grown to major proportions with groups all over the world getting involved in the multifaceted applications that working photonic crystal fibre offers. The group has over 60 collaborations in place with universities, institutions and companies world-wide, and its work is frequently featured in the national, international and scientific and technical press. It has been granted a total of 15 patents on working photonic crystal fibre-related inventions.

Although he is an eminent scientist and has won many awards for his work, Professor Russell has stressed that the achievements of the group, which he has built up steadily since 1996, has been through the team efforts of a highly talented group of scientists.

For instance, one member of the group, Dr Fetah Benabid, received the prestigious Fresnel Prize from the European Physical Society this summer, awarded in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the field of quantum optics and electronics.

The group ethos is highly collaborative, ideas being generated and developed at frequent discussion meetings that focus on major research themes. These meetings are also a forum for discussing experiments and theoretical problems in the research and planning its future direction.


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