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Dr Simon Jenkins
Dr Simon Jenkins

Press Release - 01 August 2005

Sports handbook expected to become international reference work

A handbook written by a Bath academic is expected to have an important impact on the scientific understanding of sport and exercise.

Dr Simon Jenkins’ Sports Science Handbook: The Essential Guide to Kinesiology, Sport & Exercise Science has been welcomed by professionals in the field of sports science. Its fifth edition has been recently published by Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltd.

“I believe that this book will become highly regarded in the USA, as well as many other nations and it will be heavily used as an authoritative reference book,” said Professor Danny Mielke, Professor of Physical Education and Health at Eastern Oregon University, USA.

Dr Jenkins, a Teaching Fellow in the University of Bath’s Department of Sports Development & Recreation, wrote the first edition of the handbook in 1990 when he noticed that there was no equivalent in existence.

The work, an encyclopaedic dictionary, is published in two volumes, the first 420 pages and the second 404 pages, and both costing £37-50. As well as explaining many scientific and technical terms, the handbook provides concise information and clarifies confusing issues.

“Sports science is now so multi-disciplinary that there really is a need for specialists approaching the subject from the perspective of their own discipline to properly understand at least the terminology of experts from other disciplines,” said Dr Jenkins.

“That's what this book makes possible: now, for the first time, here's a comprehensive tool to let all sports science specialists, from whatever discipline, understand each other and work together using the same language. I believe this can only benefit the development of sports science as a whole.”

The handbook will be particularly useful for: academics working in sports science, physical education and health; PE teachers; sports coaches; health and fitness professionals; and doctors and other health professionals.

Sports science was originally concerned with improving the performance of athletes, but has increasingly become concerned with health-related exercise.

Dr Jenkins is also starting a new peer-reviewed academic and professional journal called the International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching. More details will be provided nearer to its launch next year.

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