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Internal News - 19 August 2005

Effectiveness Review of Senate

The University Council conducted a review of its effectiveness as the governing body of the institution between July 2004 and May 2005. The Review was conducted, as recommended by the report of a national review chaired by Richard Lambert and the CUC Governance Code of Practice (Section 15), and in common with similar action being taken at other universities.

A recommendation arising from the Review was that a review of the effectiveness of Senate and its committees (including Joint Council and Senate Committees) be undertaken to report during 2005/06. This recommendation was adopted by Council on 13 May 2005. The University will therefore be reviewing the effectiveness of Senate and its committees during the forthcoming academic year. This review is to be completed by March 2006.

Senate is responsible for regulating and directing the academic work of the University and is regarded as the supreme authority on purely academic matters. Further information about the membership and terms of reference of Senate can be found on the Senate web page.

Senate has requested the preparation of a list of issues to be addressed by the effectiveness review for submission to its next meeting on 26 October 2005. The comments and views of any member of the University community on any issue which they feel should be addressed by the effectiveness review of Senate are now invited. It is expected that the review will focus primarily on:

Anyone who wishes to offer comment or views is welcome to do so, by written representation in the first instance, to Colette Milner, Senior Assistant Secretary in the Registrar's Office, to reach her by not later than Friday 30 September 2005. Responses will be used only in the context of this Review.