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John Wright , Rosemary Longman, Alan Dodge and Ron Board
John Wright , Rosemary Longman, Alan Dodge and Ron Board

Internal News - 02 September 2005

Staff celebrate their 40th anniversary

The University’s unofficial 40th anniversary celebrations started yesterday when four of its earliest members of staff met for lunch.

Ron Board, Alan Dodge and John Wright joined the School of Biological Sciences on 1 September 1965. They were joined for lunch by Rosemary Longman, the departmental administrator and the University’s first member of office staff.

“We were based in South Building, the only completed building on campus,” said Ron. “We shared the building with Social Sciences, the rest of campus was still flat playing fields.”

John, who joined as an Assistant Lecturer, remembers the atmosphere, “There was such a pioneering spirit on campus. It was a very exciting time to join and because it was so small you got to know all the staff and students.”

“I joined in July 1965 and I still remember the names of most of the students from the early days,” said Rosemary. “They made a real impression both on us and with the local residents. I don’t think Bath knew what had hit it when the first RAG event was launched.”

Alan said, “We have watched the University slowly build over time and there’s no doubt that it continues to exceed early expectations.”