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Internal News - 27 January 2006

Accident rates on The Avenue and Brassknocker Hill.

The following data was obtained from BANES in June 2005.

BANES appear to be basing their argument for road changes on accidents/safety.

Accident rate by severity

The data covers the period 1980 to 2005 and is prior to the new roundabout being constructed at the top of Brassknocker Hill.

Brassknocker Hill The Avenue
Fatal 2 1
Serious 23 4
Slight 72 9
Total 92 14

Accident rate by location

Year Brassknocker Hill The Avenue
2000 1 1
2001 3 0
2002 3 1
2003 0 0
2004 8 1
2005 1 0

Average recorded traffic flows (Weekdays: 7am to 7pm)

Location Traffic Flows
Brassknocker Hill 7255
The Avenue 1328
Norwood Avenue 5625
Convocation Avenue 5473

There have not been any cyclist accidents on The Avenue, whereas four cyclists have been involved in either a serious or slight accident on Brassknocker