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A file shared with the Spanish Study Group (click for larger image)

Internal News - 02 October 2006

New site helps computer users share files around the world

Staff and students at the University will now be able to easily share computer files with other people of the University from anywhere in the world thanks to a new internet service launched by BUCS today.

The online storage application will allow all members of the University to upload files, access them from anywhere in the world via the internet, and share their files among other users and groups of users.

All of the University’s registered users are able to create new groups, and add other users to these groups. There will also be support to allow people outside the University to have appropriate access in order for us to carry out research collaboration with other academics or include external tutors.

They can make these groups private (so that no one else can join or access the files shared amongst the group) or public (so that anyone can join).

There are also groups that are pre-populated based on programmes and modules from SAMIS.

It also has the benefit of automatically scanning for viruses when you upload a file, so you can be confident that the files you share and download are safe.

"The Learning Materials Filestore­ is the result of a project conducted on behalf of the University’s e-Learning by BUCS,” said Kelvin Gan, Web Software Developer in BUCS.

“As well as being a tremendously useful learning tool, there are obvious benefits to all users of the University, not just the teaching staff.

"Following succesful trials, we are now making it available to all University computer users.

"Examples of how you could benefit from it include administrative staff being able to share minutes to a committee group, distributing handbooks or cover sheets to students.

"We're also hoping that clubs and societies can benefit from it, as they could easily create groups with their members on the LMF and be able to share files with each other.

"We think we're the first university to offer online storage as a specific service, so are really pleased to be breaking new ground.

“This version is our first official release, and we will be publishing new versions of the site over the coming months.”

The Learning Materials Filestore­, or LMF, can be accessed through related links section or at For learning and teaching applications, contact the e-Learning department for advice.