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The Arts Forum will keep people updated on plans for the proposed new ICIA building
Everyone involved in the arts is invited to attend
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Internal News - 09 October 2006

New initiative: Arts Users Forum

Wednesday 11 October, 5pm | 3 West North 2.1

A new initiative by the University will provide the opportunity for students and staff to voice their opinions about arts on campus.

The new Arts Users Forum will be chaired by Jane Millar (Pro-Vice Chancellor: Strategic Development) and will meet three times a year, at the beginning of each semester.

Provisional dates for 2006/07 are: 11 October 2006, 31 January 2007 and 25 April 2007. The meetings will take place at 5pm to endeavour to avoid clashes with lectures/seminars.


The aim of the University of Bath Arts Users Forum will be to discuss participation in the arts on campus. As well as talking generally about ICIA activities, the Forum will be invited to make suggestions on the development of specific issues, which will include:

The Forum will also have a particular focus on the new Arts Complex at Claverton. This ongoing agenda item will give ICIA the opportunity to inform people of developments and enable current users to make general suggestions and discuss various issues around both the fundraising campaign and the new complex itself.

The intention is that the Forum will create an informal and relaxed environment for discussion and that views aired at the Forum are taken into account when planning future arts activities on campus.


The Forum is open to everyone who currently participates in the arts at the University, including: members of student societies; SU personnel; ICIA tutors; members of University staff; and individual class attendees.