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Casterley in the Vale of Pewsey
Casterley in the Vale of Pewsey

Press Release - 15 November 2006

Free public lecture reveals prehistory of the Vale of Pewsey

Archaeological discoveries in the Vale of Pewsey will be uncovered in a free public lecture at the University of Bath in Swindon on Wednesday 22 November.

Paul Tubb, field archaeologist, will reveal new sites dating from the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age in his talk entitled The Later Prehistory of the Pewsey Vale.

Mr Tubb made the discoveries while investigating the area for his PhD studies at the University of Bristol.

The area is notable for a concentration of sites dating from the early first millennium BC such as Potterne and East Chisenbury.

Field walking and aerial photography analysis revealed three more Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age midden sites in the east of the Vale, emphasising just how important the Vale of Pewsey was in this period.

Mr Tubb also discovered 10 new sites from the Iron Age/Romano British period, for which there was previously little evidence.

“Much of the Vale of Pewsey has been terra incognita,” said Mr Tubb.

“It’s suffered because people have been looking at the chalk areas on either side - Salisbury Plain and the Marlborough and Pewsey Downs. Little fieldwork has been done in the Vale.

“The new findings are answering a lot of questions. We’re beginning to see the Early Iron Age landscape in much greater detail than previously and it’s also beginning to clarify the late Iron Age evidence.”

Mr Tubb has lectured in archaeology for 12 years, in Further Education and at Degree Level. He teaches part-time archaeology courses for the University of Bath in Swindon’s Centre for Lifelong Learning.

Mr Tubb will run three part-time courses in archaeology at the Oakfield campus starting in February 2007. Details of the courses and how to enrol will be publicised on the University website later this month.

Admission and parking for the lecture is free and people can just turn up on the evening. The lecture runs from 5.30pm until 6.30pm in the main hall at the Oakfield campus.

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