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Professor Ian Jamieson
Professor Ian Jamieson

Internal News - 15 November 2006

Praise for "extensive" improvements made to services for students

A senior University manager has praised the “extensive and wide-ranging improvement” made to services for students over the past year.

Professor Ian Jamieson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Learning and Teaching, said students now had improved buildings, better IT support and extra sports facilities. These came as a result of action taken after the results of the two National Student Surveys and further discussion between students and the University.

“Students are often asking what improvements have been made at the University as a result of the National Student Survey last year and all the other surveys of student opinion we do,” he said.

“We think the past year has shown significant developments in many areas and add up to an extensive and wide-ranging improvement. The University is constantly changing in its attempts to improve what it does and we hope to build on this achievement.”

Professor Jamieson pointed to:

• improvements to buildings including: the complete refurbishment of University Hall to provide a 390-seat lecture theatre; the refurbishment of the ground floor of the Library and the addition of extra reading spaces in the basement; the refurbishment of the Parade Bar and the Plug Bar

• improvement in IT including: the upgrading of the network, the upgrading of Library computers; the connection of all student rooms to the network; the introduction of online registration facilities

• developments in sport facilities, including: the extension of Sports Training Village’s hours during vacation and developing the intra mural programme with the Student’s Union to offer more recreational facilities

• developments in student support, including: introducing student bursaries to accompany the beginning of variable fees; putting more resources into mental health programmes; introducing a community liaison officer to handle relations with the city of Bath; increasing staffing in the Learning Support Office; setting up a new mentoring scheme for international students; extending resident security off campus.

• academic developments, including: introducing a new Virtual Learning Environment, Moodle; redesigning the undergraduate programme in the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering; adding degree programmes in the School of Management; appointing more than 50 new academic staff, some of them to new posts.

“Although we’re pleased to have made these improvements, as ever, we’re looking for ways to develop even further,” said Professor Jamieson. “And we will always want to work closely with our staff and students in developing both the campus and the academic infrastructure.”