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Internal News - 15 November 2006

Climate change action plan

A plan to cut Swindon’s carbon dioxide emissions by 20 per cent was launched on Tuesday 13 November at the University of Bath in Swindon’s Oakfield campus.

The plan produced by the Swindon Strategic Partnership is part of the town’s action on cutting greenhouse gases which are causing global warming.

The plan was launched by the University of Bath’s Professor Geoff Hammond, chair of the plan’s steering group, and Peter Madden, chief executive of Forum for the Future. A key aim of the plan is to reduce the town's carbon dioxide emissions by 20 per cent from 1990 levels by 2010.

The document explains what climate change is and how it is likely to affect quality of life in Swindon Borough and beyond. As well as setting out to reduce Swindon’s contribution to climate change, it identifies the issues that must be considered to prepare for the inevitable changes to our climate.

Under headings ranging from awareness-raising to transport and health, the plan identifies actions which the Borough is already taking and those it plans to take, setting specific targets and milestones.

Businesses and individuals can use the information to play their part in helping to combat climate change.

Professor Hammond, Director of the University’s International Centre for the Environment and Professor of mechanical engineering at the University, said: “Climate change is not just an environmental problem. It is a crosscutting issue that will affect us all economically and socially, as well as in terms of a warming climate.

"There is clearly a need for urgent precautionary action. We believe it is vital to act now to begin addressing this global problem at a community level.”

The Swindon Strategic Partnership, set up by Swindon Borough Council, brings together organisations and groups that are involved in making decision that affect the future well-being of the people of Swindon. The voluntary, community, business and public sectors are all represented within the Swindon Strategic Partnership.

It is based on the principle that many issues facing local communities today can only be tackled and resolved if all parts of the community work together.