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Internal News - 28 November 2006

Successful SuperJANET migration

The University of Bath has today successfully switched to a new high-speed telecommunications network which links academic sites in the UK, SuperJANET5.

This 10 Gigabits per second (Gbit/s) national IT backbone will give computer users at the University faster, more resilient and more secure access to the network - which has ample bandwidth to support the increasing demands of the education community and enables institutions to have internet access.

The flexibility of the new network backbone, which has taken three years to develop, will enable an increase from the current capacity of 10Gbit/s to 40Gbit/s within two years, and possibly as high as 160Gbp/s within five years.

SuperJANET5 is currently in the process of being rolled out across the UK in order to provide the necessary bandwidth to support the increasing data flow to all regions of the country.

Part of this rollout includes our own regional network, the South West of England Regional Network (SWERN). SWERN has also been upgrading its infrastructure to coincide with the development of the national backbone.

The University does not connect directly to SuperJANET5; along with many other institutions in the South West it connects to SWERN, and SWERN connects to SuperJANET.

The last year has seen a major enhancement in the region's network that will benefit the community, not only in network capacity but also increased reliability and resilience.