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Sue Cook
Sue Cook
John Thomas
John Thomas

Internal News - 12 December 2006

Retirement of Sue Cook and John Thomas

Sue Cook, Acting University Secretary and University Legal Adviser, and John Thomas, Assistant Director of BUCS, retire from the University at the end of the year. Staff are invited to wish them farewell at leaving events next week.

Sue Cook - Acting University Secretary and University Legal Adviser
Sue was appointed as University Legal Adviser in January 1997, becoming the first professionally qualified lawyer at the University. Her role initially focused on research contracts and intellectual property, then broadened to take in other issues. Four solicitors now work at the University reflecting the increase in legal work over the last 10 years.

Sue has been acting as University Secretary and Secretary to Council since April 2006, following the retirement of the Registrar, Jon Bursey. Sue says she is grateful for the opportunity to be able to make a contribution to the University at the highest level and describes it as ‘a very interesting and challenging time’.

There will be a farewell gathering and presentation to Sue on Tuesday 19 December at 4pm in the Wessex House Dining Room. All are welcome. For catering purposes please confirm your attendance with Paula Hearsey or call ext 3225.

If you wish to sign Sue’s card and make a donation towards a gift, please see Paula Hearsey - Wessex House 6.9 (University Secretary's General Office).

John Thomas- Assistant Director of BUCS
John has had a long and distinguished career at the University spanning 30 years. He joined the University in 1976 as Senior Computer Office, becoming Systems Manager in 1984 and then User Services Manager, prior to his current role.

Staff are invited to a farewell gathering in UBSA on Tuesday 19 December with tea at 4pm and a presentation at 5pm. Please confirm attendance with Rosemary Green.

If you would like to sign a card or donate to a collection you may do so at either the ITP Shop in the Library or at the BUCS Reception in 2South.