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Chinese visitors learn about student support at Bath

Internal News - 14 February 2006

Chinese visitors learn about student support at Bath

A group of 30 administrators from universities in China visited Bath today to find out about student support service provision at the University.

They are attending a short course at the University of Reading on higher education in the UK, but wanted to find out about aspects of student management in other universities.

“They identified the University of Bath as a leading UK University, and are keen to understand how we support our students,” said Mark Ames, Head of Student Services.

“The University has a well-established range of high quality student support provision.

“A panel of student services staff have made brief presentations about their service areas, and spoken with the delegates and representatives from China’s Ministry of Education who are with them.”

The group have arranged visits to visits to HEFCE, UCAS and several other leading UK universities whilst they are here.