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Internal News - 14 February 2006

Seminar - The Pursuit of Wellbeing

J. Allister McGregor, Director of the Wellbeing in Developing Countries Research Group (WeD), will talk about its progress in his seminar - The pursuit of wellbeing on Thursday 16 February.

It will be argued that the concept of wellbeing can be an important and exciting one both for academia and for policy thinking. For academia, not least, the concept has the potential to play an important communicative function by encouraging exchange and engagement between different social science disciplines.

For policy thinkers the concept offers a means of widening debates over the purpose and modalities of policy intervention and of escaping the reductionist tendencies inherent in the many different approaches to welfare and poverty.

Finally, the seminar will seek to stimulate discussion on potential ways forward for wellbeing research at Bath.

The seminar will take place in 8W2.5 at 4.15pm, Thursday 16 February.