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Gwen van der Velden

Director of Learning and Teaching Enhancement

01225 383775

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Gwen van der Velden will promote teaching and learning
Gwen van der Velden will promote teaching and learning

Internal News - 27 February 2006

The University takes a new approach to learning and teaching

In January a new office was created to promote learning and teaching at the University. Its director, Gwen van der Velden, joined Bath from the University of Kent.

“Bath’s learning and teaching practices are very strong indeed. There is much excellent provision in different departments and Faculties, and my office has been set up to ensure that students and colleagues benefit from that. ” said Ms van der Velden.

“Our national profile in this area is crucial, not just to make us attractive to the next generation of students but also to ensure we have access to the best knowledge and funding that is available now. So part of our role is also to promote the best of Bath in learning and teaching nationally and where possible, internationally.”

Prior to the launch of the Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office (LTEO), the University’s Learning and Teaching Strategy was a part its general Quality Assessment. The new office is one of the first in England, to reflect a national move towards a more pedagogical approach to identifying the best ways to really improve the student learning experience.

“We will provide a range of services and support for teaching staff, including professional development, help on diversifying assessment practices and curriculum design; we will also be working closely with the Students’ Union and co-ordinate the University’s e-learning initiative.

“One of Bath’s strengths lies in the individual teaching identities within the different departments. From Humanities to Health and Engineering to Economics there is real diversity and that is something Bath will preserve and encourage. We will reward innovation and enable the dissemination of good practice between departments.

“The quality of our teaching and learning also benefits from the fact that we are a well-respected research-intensive university. For example, students at Bath are some of the very few in the UK to be able to get involved in departmental research in their first year of study.

“This is time of change in the approach to teaching and learning in the UK, and I believe that Bath is well-positioned to help lead the way.”