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Internal News - 03 February 2006

New scheme to help students get good vacation work experience

The University has launched a new Enterprise Bursary Scheme to help students get good vacation work experience.

What’s an Enterprise Bursary?

It’s a new initiative from the Careers Advisory Service and the Enterprise Education Steering Group to provide students with financial support to get some summer vacation work to develop their employability, and it is funded through the Enterprise Education Venture Fund.

Applications are invited from eligible students for enterprise bursaries of up to £1000.

To be eligible, students must be:

What sort of work experience is it for?

Almost anything – it could be in a business-start-up or voluntary organisation, or in a very competitive field where a record of unpaid work is essential to get in. It could be a paid job but the location means the living or travel expenses are too high for it to be feasible. It doesn’t have to be degree-related...and it could be the whole summer vacation…a month…….or even shorter.

This is too good to be true!! What’s the application process?

Full details and application form are on the Careers Advisory Service web site. Closing dates: 23 March, 27 April, and 1 June.

Vacation work opportunities can be found by visiting the Vacation Work and Volunteering Fair on 9 February in the Sports Hall or searching the MyFuture online opportunities portal.