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public lecture podcast
ethnic conflict

Press Release - 09 February 2006

Ethnic conflict: Why people keep killing each other and what we can do about it

Stefan Wolff, professor of political science at the University of Bath, will explain why nationalism and ethnicity are such powerful mobilising forces in turning neighbour against neighbour at a free public lecture on ethnic conflicts next week. (2 East 3.1, 6.15pm Wednesday 15 February 2006).

“Across the world, violent ethnic conflicts continue to destabilise entire regions, hamper development, and cause unimaginable human suffering,” said Professor Wolff.

“The existence of different ethnic groups living side-by-side need not inevitably lead to violent conflict between them, but we have so many examples around the world of where this has happened.

“Effective conflict management means alleviating humanitarian crises in the short term and eliminating their root causes in the long term.”

Professor Wolff, who frequently consults to governments, international organisations, and the private sector on conflict management issues, also noted: “The longer the international community fails to help achieve durable settlements, the more closely ethnic conflict becomes intertwined with international terrorism and organised crime.”

Professor Wolff’s lecture coincides with the publication of his most recent book, Ethnic Conflict: A Global Perspective (Oxford University Press), which discusses the causes, consequences and international responses to ethnic conflicts.

The book covers a broad range of examples from different parts of the world and illustrates the human tragedy of these conflicts as well as their potential solutions.

The lecture will take place in lecture theatre 2 East 3.1 at 6.15pm on Wednesday 15 February 2006.

Tickets are free but must be reserved from Sheila Willmott.

This lecture will also be podcast.

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