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Professor Chris Eccleston will talk about the relationship between pain and suffering
Professor Chris Eccleston will talk about the relationship between pain and suffering

Press Release - 13 March 2006

Pain and suffering: studying the human condition

Local people have the opportunity to attend a free public lecture on the relationship between pain and suffering, and its possible treatments, at the University of Bath this week (Wednesday 15 March).

Professor Chris Eccleston, will look at how pain demands attention by interrupting current thinking and pushing out of mind other concerns, goals, ambitions and pleasures. For many who have chronic (longstanding) pain, this interruption proves to be the starting point of apparently inescapable suffering.

In his inaugural lecture Professor Eccleston, Director of Bath’s Pain Management Unit , will explain how and why pain achieves interruption, what the consequences can be for chronic pain patients, and whether suffering caused by pain can be averted.

He said: “There is a belief that suffering is an inevitable consequence of pain, however, the Pain Management Unit has developed treatments to help patients live a satisfying life despite pain. I will be looking at these new treatments with a particular focus on the treatments for children in chronic pain.”

Chris Eccleston is Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Bath and the Director of The Pain Management Unit, a joint clinical and research unit at the University and the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases. The Unit publishes over 30 scientific papers, monographs and books each year on pain and pain management, and treats residentially over 350 adults and adolescents with severe debilitating chronic pain.

The lecture will take place at 6.15pm on Wednesday 15 March, in Lecture Theatre 2 East 3.1. It is free of charge, for tickets please call Sheila Willmott on 01225 386631 or email Free parking is available in the West car park.

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