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Professor William Scott, Dr Alan Reid & Dr Jutta Nikel
Professor William Scott, Dr Alan Reid & Dr Jutta Nikel
Photo by IPU, University of Bath

Internal News - 16 March 2006

Seminar on the role of education & learning in sustainable development

The United Nations is challenging educational policy-making by highlighting Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as a matter of global importance. This week the Centre for Research in Education & the Environment will host a seminar on its theory and practice (Friday 17 March).

Last year saw the launch of the UN’s Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, prompting a renewed interest in the role of education in achieving sustainability. ESD questions traditional views on the purposes of schooling, for example, in how it fosters sustainable growth and consumption, or environmental and social justice.

While national policy initiatives related to ESD are underway around the world, the value and effectiveness of their implementation in practice, and the measurement of progress, remain open questions for policy makers, researchers and practitioners alike. One common procedure for measuring and evaluating the progress of newly implemented policy initiatives is the use of agreed indicators.

This one day seminar, organised by Dr Alan Reid, Professor William Scott and Dr Jutta Nikel from the Centre for Research in Education and the Environment, part of the Department of Education, will focus on the theory and practice of ESD Indicators within formal education in the context of a critical consideration of indicators and their use more generally.

The seminar Indicators for Education for Sustainable Development: engaging the debate runs 10.30am-4pm, Friday 17 March, at Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institute (BRLSI). It will be attended by representatives from charities, organisations, schools, government departments, and universities (in the UK and Germany).


This seminar is part of ESRC Social Science Week, which runs from 10-19 March. This week-long celebration of the social sciences is made up of initiatives from across the UK - from conferences to workshops and book launches to policy briefings. In 2006 Social Science Week has moved to coincide with National Science Week. See Related Links for more information about ESRC Social Science Week.