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Internal News - 16 March 2006

Major grant to support fundraising at University

The University of Bath has been awarded a grant worth a total of £375,000 to develop a range of fundraising activities that will help support teaching, research and campus facilities.

The grant is the highest amount awarded to any UK university, and is given as part of a £7.5 million scheme from DFES and UUK aimed at kick-starting fundraising activities in the HE sector. Only one other university was awarded an equal sum.

The University will receive £125,000 each year for the next three years, and will use some of the award to recruit new staff who will help bring in extra funding for the University. The UNiversity will have to provide matched funding as part of the award.

“This University’s investment in this area will help attract increased levels of funding for the immediate future and in years to come,” said Peter Reader, Director of Marketing and Communications at the University of Bath.

“We are delighted with this award which will help us renew and redouble our efforts at bringing new sources of funding into the University.

“Of particular importance is the recognition from an external scrutiny panel that the Department’s activities are on the right trajectory.”

Bill Rammell, Minister for Higher Education, said: "Government funding for universities is increasing for the first time in a generation. But I also want to see our institutions increase their ability to tap into private donations, like universities in other countries. The new funding we are providing should help provide the spur for more private donations.”