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Internal News - 22 March 2006

The University’s website is changing

At the end of this month you will see a change in the University’s website, as we are redesigning its appearance and updating its links.

The result will be a fresher, colourful look that is more modern and able to carry the increasing amount of information that 21st century websites bear. It will also bring greater consistency to our pages.

The redesign was agreed by a test group and also by Executive late last year. Since then it has been developed and tested by the Department of Marketing & Communications.

The changes will affect the external home page and those pages linking from it at first. But all the University’s top-level pages will gradually change to the new style, including the internal home news page.

A more in-depth review of the web and its purpose will be launched soon, so further developments to its structure may be carried out. But the immediate changes will be primarily to the look of the site.

"Consistency of design implies consistency of purpose," said Head of Communications, Tony Trueman. "Our website is seen by around half a million people a month, and, along with media relations, it is the primary way that we communicate en masse.

"This new look will help prospective students and staff from around world, business people, our neighbours, and everyone else who visits to see us as the successful and dynamic organisation we are.”