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7.30pm, Wednesday 5 April
Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution
16-18 Queen Sq, Bath

Further information on the event, contact:
Alastair Mumford
Kick Industries

Yvonne Elston
Friends of the Earth

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BNFL Chapelcross Magnox nuclear power station.
Geoff Hammond
Professor Geoff Hammond

Internal News - 28 March 2006

Top speakers to tackle the nuclear debate

A University of Bath researcher will be locking horns with Margaret Thatcher’s former press secretary in a debate on the future of nuclear power in the UK. (Wednesday 5 April 2006)

Professor Geoff Hammond, Director of the University’s International Centre for the Environment (ICE), will be putting the case against nuclear power in opposition to the high-profile supporter of nuclear energy, Sir Bernard Ingham.

The government has asked for a national debate on the future of nuclear power and the debate, chaired by the Corporate Social Responsibility writer Professor Malcolm Macintosh, will give the public the chance to put forward their opinion.

Sir Bernard Ingham is best known for his work as press secretary to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during her time in office. After leaving the civil service in 1990, Sir Bernard became a paid consultant to British Nuclear Fuels Ltd and is now secretary of Supporters of Nuclear Energy (SONE), a pro-nuclear energy lobbying group.

Professor Geoff Hammond is a leading academic in energy systems and environmental sustainability. He played a key role in the development of the Bath Environment Centre (now Envolve) and is the Director of the International Centre for the Environment at the University of Bath.

John Ingham sees the event as a response to an environmental dilemma: "For many years most people who would call themselves ‘green’ have been against nuclear power.

“We have wanted to promote energy-saving and renewable sources and minimize chances of radioactive materials polluting the environment. Now, however, respected environmentalists, most notably James Lovelock, are urging us to reconsider.

“They feel the threat from global warming exceeds all others and suggest we should back nuclear power due to its low CO2 contribution.

“If we, as environmentalists, are not clear on this issue the debate may be taken away from us by those less interested in a green future.”

Doors open at 7pm, tickets cost £3, £1.50 unwaged.

Organised by Green Light and kindly supported by Bath Greenpeace, Bath Friends of the Earth, Triodos Bank, Bloomfield House Hotel and Good Energy.