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Internal News - 29 March 2006

STA Travel announcement about rail tickets

As many will be aware, STA Travel has not been able to provide a comprehensive rail service to all our customers for the last 18 months.

This was due to ATOC withdrawing many of their services from agents like us. Our current issuing system is being withdrawn from Friday 31 March 2006.

We are fully aware of the inconvenience this has caused all of our customers and we apologise that we have not been able to offer the full range of tickets expected.

STA Travel has sourced a new system, which is due to go live on Monday 24 April 2006.

This system will provide us with all ticket options including APEX tickets, and the ability to make seat reservations. We will also be able to provide quality management information for those departments that would like it.

Due to this decision taken by ATOC, the new supplier is imposing extra charges for the use of their systems. It will become necessary to charge £1.00 per ticket that we issue and not the existing 50p.

Due to training requirements we will not be able to issue any tickets between the dates of 1–23 April, and are fully aware that this is not an ideal situation. We would request all departments that know of any travel coming up in this period to try to get requests to us this week.

We appreciate all your support and look forward to being able to supply a first class comprehensive service from 24 April 2006.

Should anybody have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me personally on ext: 6435/6149 or email

Serena McLaren : Retail Sales Manager