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Internal News - 31 March 2006

Welcome to the new look for the University of Bath’s website

We have redesigned the site’s main pages and updated its links to achieve a fresher, colourful look that is more modern and can present large amounts of information. It also brings greater consistency to our pages.

For the time being, the changes affect the external home page and those pages linking directly from it. However, all the University’s top-level pages will gradually change to the new style.

Redesigns of existing department pages, and designs for new centres will also follow the general style.

"Our website is seen by around half a million people a month, and, along with media relations, it is the primary way that we communicate to the public,” said the University’s Head of Communications, Tony Trueman.

"This new look will help prospective students and staff from around the world, business people, our neighbours, and everyone else who visits our site to see us as the successful and dynamic organisation we are.”

Please email comments to Tony Trueman.