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The conference will be hosted at Bailbrook House in Bath
The conference will be hosted at Bailbrook House in Bath

Press Release - 18 May 2006

Rehabilitation conference to be held in Bath

Rehab.NET, the School for Health, and the Bath and Swindon RDSU will be hosting a conference on community rehabilitation on 20th November 2006 at Bailbrook House in Bath.

The conference aims to celebrate the broad rehabilitation research conducted locally, as well as stimulate networking and debate by bringing together the NHS, academia and the charity sector from all over the United Kingdom.

The conference will include poster presentations, leading guest speakers and a diverse programme to stimulate discussion.

Talks given will include the use of SMART technology to assist rehabilitation in the home; the development and evaluation of a community support scheme; and day hospitals versus rehabilitation at home for elderly patients.

“Many elderly people suffer from lung problems which makes it hard to move around and carry out daily activities without getting breathless,” said Lisa Austin, Rehabilitation Research Co-ordinator from the School of Health.

“Pulmonary rehabilitation for these patients is designed to help cope with breathlessness and feel stronger and fitter at the same time.”

“Another debilitating condition that can leave patients severely disabled is stroke which affects around 10,000 people in the UK.

“Active rehabilitation to improve mobility following a stroke is a key factor in helping people to remain at home and limiting the need for admission into long-term care.”

SMART technologies are devices which could assist in the rehabilitation process by allowing patients to perform simple mobility exercises at home.

Current research hopes to develop hardware that gives on-the-spot audio and visual feedback on progress after each exercise session, which will also be transmitted to hospital physiotherapists.

Speakers attending the conference will include Professor Nadina Lincoln, Professor Roger Orpwood, Rachel Harrington and Professor Christopher Eccleston. For further information and to book a place visit the conference web page in the related links section.

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