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Internal News - 08 May 2006

Paperless offices or flame wars? - a short course on email use and abuse

A short course on using email for internal communications, run by the Marketing & Communications Department. Thursday, 25 May 2006 2:15pm – 4pm.

We spend hours every week using email at work. But is it making us more efficient and better mannered, or the opposite? Does it make us feel better about our work and our colleagues? How can we make sure we use it in the way it was intended?

This course looks at do’s and don’ts of using email. Its tips include:

• Avoid using capitals – they can be seen as the equivalent of shouting
• Don’t send emails that are rude or sharp or angry in tone – try to sort it out over the phone or face-to-face
• Try not to react angrily to rude emails – it could start what are called ‘flame wars’.
• Unless it’s a long e-conversation or an exchange with someone you know well, it may be best to start with Hi or Dear …or the person’s name, and finish with ‘Regards’ or similar; your communication could seem abrupt otherwise
• Do you really need to send it? We all get too many emails, so try and keep it to a minimum.

This brief course looks at how to use and how not to use email. It includes both hints and examples and some practical activity to show how to react to rude emails and how not to flame or be flamed.

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