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Press Release - 30 June 2006

Forum to help teachers educate pupils in engineering to be held

A forum to help teachers to educate their pupils in engineering and inform them of career opportunities will be held at the University of Bath on Wednesday 5 July.

Around 30 delegates in engineering education, including professional institutions such as the Royal Academy of Engineering and companies like Motorola, Renishaw plc and Rotary Precision Instruments, will take part in the forum. At least 60 teachers and lecturers from local schools, colleges and universities are expected to attend. Sir David Brown, Chairman of Motorola, will giv ethe opening address.

The forum will provide teachers with the opportunity to share ideas about how to improve understanding of how science is applied to engineering and technology, and the firms will show how engineering underpins many important aspects of modern life.

The firms will learn from teachers how they can provide educational material to help the teachers to get the best from their students in science and engineering classes. The companies’ representatives will bring items their firms make and also displays giving information on how they are made.

The speakers at the forum include:
Peter Hughes, Chief Executive of Scottish Engineering; Charles Curry, Managing Director, Chronos Technology; Katherine Robinson, of the National Physical Laboratory, and Professor Gary Hawley, of the University of Bath.

The professional bodies like the Institution of Engineering and Technology act as guardians to different branches in engineering. They believe the forum will advance engineering education.

The event, called the Teachers’ Engineering Education Forum, will also feature a display of robotics from a local Bath school.

The idea for the forum came from the University of Bath’s Department of Electrical Engineering, and the University will host the event and co-sponsor it, with the Science Learning Centre South West in Bristol, Motorola plc and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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