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Engineering Leadership Award winners represent the elite of UK engineering students
Engineering Leadership Award winners represent the elite of UK engineering students

Internal News - 07 June 2006

One of UK’s ‘most outstanding students’ wins important engineering award

Angela Crowther, in her second year of a Civil & Architectural Engineering degree, has won a prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Award.

The Engineering Leadership Awards, run by the Royal Academy for Engineering, are given to the UK’s most outstanding undergraduates. They aim to accelerate each winner’s personal and professional development - preparing them for a fast-track career in UK industry.

The winners are chosen during their second year at university, by which time they have had the opportunity to prove themselves, and will still have time to make good use of the award before they graduate.

Professor Tim Ibell, Head of Architecture & Civil Engineering, said: “The Engineering Leadership Award is extremely prestigious and a huge feather in Angela’s cap, and wonderful news for the department.”

Angela said: “This is a great opportunity for me and gives me even more chances to forge a successful career in engineering.

“After graduation, my ambition is to set up my own structural engineering practice, working in an integrated environment alongside architects in order to provide innovative and sustainable engineering solutions to unique projects.”

Angela is one of just 21 winners this year from more than 120 who applied for the award from throughout the UK – and one of an elite group of less than 300 winners since the Engineering Leadership Awards began.

Award-winners receive a cheque for £500 at the start of each academic year during the next three years and can request additional funds for proposals. The Academy also organises an annual training and social weekend at which all the award holders from the different year groups are brought together for networking.

Matthew Harrison, from the Royal Academy of Engineering, said: “Congratulations to Angela and all our Engineering Leadership Award winners. They represent the elite of UK engineering students and the Royal Academy of Engineering is proud to have the opportunity to support them in their academic efforts.

“The awards also encourage ambition and a spirit of leadership amongst the country's most able engineering undergraduates.

“With this year’s winners we have once again succeeded in identifying individuals who have the desire and the capability to reach the very top of the engineering world. This year they have captured our imagination with much more than just academic ability.”

Angela will now be required to draft a personal development plan outlining how she hopes to make the most of the opportunity. Next year’s awards will be open for entries from 2006 with more information available at the website