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Professor Rudolf Klein
Professor Rudolf Klein

Press Release - 11 July 2006

Bath academic elected as Senior Fellow of Royal Academy

Professor Rudolf Klein, Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at the University of Bath, has been elected as a Senior Fellow of the British Academy, the independent fellowship of more than 800 scholars in the humanities and social sciences.

As a professor in what is now the Department of Social and Policy Sciences, he helped establish the University as a major centre for social policy research. His work on public expenditure in the 1970s broke new ground and he remains at the forefront of the discipline.

Professor Klein’s work is characterised by the application of the analytical tools of social science to key contemporary policy problems. He is a pioneer in the fields of regulation, performance measurement, accountability, targets and evidence-based policy.

“On behalf of colleagues in the department and across the University I would like to offer our congratulations to Professor Klein,” said Professor Graham Room, Professor of European Social Policy in the department.

“It was under his leadership that the University became renowned for its work in the field of social policy. His study, The Politics of the NHS, is now in its fifth edition, and is acclaimed world-wide as the best and most comprehensive political analysis of the English national health system.”

Professor Klein is one of only three scholars to be elected to Senior Fellowship of the Academy this year.

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