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University of Bath Public Lecture Podcast

Press Release - 19 July 2006

Bath public lectures reach global audience through podcast

The University of Bath’s public lectures have taken a leap into the 21st century and are now being podcast to listeners around the world, from Singapore to Iceland.

As well as the members of the local community who attend these lectures in person, thousands more can now hear them by downloading digital recordings on the internet.

The podcast allows people with an internet connection and free podcasting software to ‘subscribe’ to the lectures – free of charge – and automatically receive the lectures as soon as they become available.

Since the launch of the podcast in April, the lectures have been downloaded around 6,000 times, including people listening-in from places as far afield as Brazil, Iceland, South Africa and Singapore.

The lectures cover topics ranging from astrophysics to world poverty, delivered by people including TV science presenter Adam Hart Davis and former cabinet member Claire Short MP.

“The University’s public lectures are very popular with members of the local community who like to be informed about the latest advances in research and important world issues,” said Andrew McLaughlin from the University’s Department of Marketing and Communications.

“Through the new podcast people around the world can now listen in to the University’s public lectures and take part in this learning experience.

“Despite being a relatively new technology for many, the lectures are collectively being downloaded around 2,000 times each month.

“It is great to think that people around the world get the chance to hear from the excellent speakers that come to the University and learn about the fascinating insights they can offer in their topics of interest.”

To find out more about the University’s public lecture podcast, visit the web pages in the related links section.

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