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Professor Roy Jones
Professor Roy Jones

Internal News - 21 July 2006

Bath expert contributes to BBC memory experience

Professor Roy Jones from the Research Institute for the Care of the Elderly and the School for Health will be taking part in the BBC Radio 4 memory experience on Saturday.

The entire Saturday morning schedule will be devoted to the biggest ever experiment into collective memory.

With contributions from listeners, specialist guests and celebrities, the programme will set out to create a national conversation on memory and examine what we remember and why.

Professor Jones will pass on expert tips on how to improve your memory, and will explain why ‘episodic memory’ - where we parked the car, or what we did yesterday - starts to change for people in their 30s, and suggests techniques to cope with it.

Tune in for the memory experience on BBC Radio 4 from 9.00-11.00 am on Saturday 22 July, 92-95FM & 198LW.