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Internal News - 17 August 2006

Dell Notebook/Laptop battery recall

A message from BUCS:

Staff have been advised that the computer maker Dell are recalling some laptops because of problems with their batteries, which can overheat and become a fire risk. This does not apply to desktop computers.

Do not use your Dell laptop until you have identified whether your battery has the potential to fail.

Until you are sure your battery is safe, you should remove the battery and operate your laptop using AC adapter and mains power cord only.

This recall only affects certain Dell Notebooks. For more information go to Dell battery recall website (link under the Related Links section).

Please use above Dell website to identify if you have a problem battery and follow links to order a new battery.

If you have a problem identifying whether your battery has a potential to fail then take it to either your local computer supporter, the BUCS help desk in the library or the ITP computer shop in the library.

Dell desktop PC's are not affected by this.