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Professor Roy Jones
Professor Roy Jones

Internal News - 21 August 2006

Bath Professor takes part in Radio 4 ‘Check Up’

Professor Roy Jones, Director of the Bath-based Research Institute for the Care of the Elderly (RICE), will be taking part in BBC Radio 4’s ‘Check Up’ programme later this week (Thursday 24 August 2006, 3.00-3.30 pm).

Professor Jones, who works in the University’s School for Health, will be discussing the topic of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) - a form of memory impairment.

MCI is a general term commonly used to describe a slight but measurable memory disorder, in particular short-term and prospective memory (for example, remembering to attend appointments or take medication on time).

A person with MCI has memory problems greater than normally expected for their age, but does not show the other symptoms of dementia, such as impaired judgment or reasoning.

In July Professor Jones was a guest on the first programme in the BBC summer season about memory and he has been invited back by the BBC to take part in another programme looking at memory.

You can hear him on BBC Radio 4 ‘Check Up’ on Thursday 24 August 2006 from 15.00-15.30 on 92-95 FM & 198LW or Listen Live at the BBC website.