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Press Release - 22 August 2006

New business course shows how to avoid David Brent-style management

A new course that could turn David Brent-style staff into efficient managers is being offered to local business people.

The University of Bath’s Centre for Lifelong Learning is running a 10-week course entitled Managing Human Resources at its Claverton Down campus on Monday evenings, starting in October.

The course is run by Claire Jackson, who has an MA in managing human resources and is an experienced human resource development consultant.

She believes that many new and thriving organisations have succeeded in part because of their well thought-out human resource strategy which makes them places that people love to work for. Recent research shows that over 80 per cent of organisations that are planning change fail to achieve their expectations.

The creation of the right environment and culture to get the best from staff is not just a matter of luck, she believes. Achieving an organisation’s goals depends upon developing and motivating staff and attracting the right new talent.

“If you think managing your people is just about following rules and procedures then think again,” she said. “I have recently been working with a small organisation that needs to adapt its management style away from a traditional and time-consuming approach to managing performance, to one where staff are encouraged to use their skills and talent to work more independently.

“This is leading to a move away from ‘micro management’ to a culture of innovation and freedom. The wrong approach to human resources has in this case taken the senior management away from growing the business into time spent in the detailed monitoring of work of professionally qualified staff.”

Claire does not believe that there is one right approach to managing human resources as this depends on what an organisation is aiming to achieve.

For more information about this course and the full programme on offer this autumn, or to enrol online, visit the Lifelong Learning site (see Related Links)

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