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Professor Chris Garland will join the Medical Research Council board
Professor Chris Garland will join the Medical Research Council board

Internal News - 25 August 2006

Professor Garland joins Medical Research Council board

In recognition of his research in the field of pharmacology, Professor Chris Garland, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, has been invited to join the Medical Research Council (MRC) Physiological Systems & Clinical Science Board.

Professor Garland said: “I’m delighted to be invited to join this MRC panel, which is responsible for funding and funding strategy of both basic and clinical biomedical research across the UK.”

The MRC promotes research into all areas of medical and related science with the aims of improving the health and quality of life of the UK public.

The appointment runs for four years, and follows equivalent roles held by Professor Garland on the Wellcome Trust Physiology & Pharmacology Grant Advisory Panel and the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Project Grants Committee.

Professor Garland has been Head of Pharmacology at the University since 2000. His own research studies the mechanisms responsible for regulating blood flow and pressure in the body. This research involves electrophysiological recording and imaging in the smallest arteries of the body, vessels which provide a crucial influence on blood pressure.

The work at the University is carried out in the Vascular Pharmacology research group, which Professor Garland runs jointly with Dr Kim Dora, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology. The University’s Vascular Pharmacology research is currently supported by a Programme Grant from the Wellcome Trust and project grants from both the Trust and from the BHF.