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Honorary graduate - Terry Pratchett
Honorary graduate - Chris Patten
Honorary graduate - Kiri Te Kanawa
Honorary graduate
Honorary graduate
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Internal News - 01 September 2006

Honorary Degree Nominations

The next round of nominations for the award of honorary degrees will be considered by the Honorary Degrees Committee on Monday 4 December 2006.

The submission deadline for nominations is Friday 17 November 2006.

The Honorary Degrees Committee is pleased to receive nominations from any member of the University or person associated with it but the nomination should conform to the current guidelines.

The following categories are considered for honorary degree nominations:

• Academics with an international reputation who have an existing or potential academic link with the University

• National figures who serve as a role model for young people

• International figures who have some connection with the University, for example a common area of research

• National or international figures who serve to make a statement about the University’s position on moral or ethical issues

• Recognition of achievements which have not previously been recognised

• Persons with a local connection who have achieved a national reputation

[NB It was agreed by Senate on 16 June 2004 that the Honorary Degrees Committee would not consider nominations of serving Heads of Government for honorary degrees.]

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