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Internal News - 11 September 2006

More volunteers needed for online exercise survey

Around 100 more volunteers are needed to complete a short online survey and help PhD student Simon Sebire reach his target number of participants.

Simon, who is studying for a PhD in the Sport and Exercise Science group in the School for Health, is using the survey to build up a clearer understanding of adult motivation and goals for carrying out sport, exercise and day-to-day activity.

The questionnaire developed as a result of this phase of the project will help inform how best to motivate individuals to get active, exercise and thus reap the rewards of an active lifestyle.

“We have about 80 per cent of the sample necessary to perform the analysis that will help create our new questionnaire,” said Simon.

“All we need now is the help of a final few hundred staff and postgraduates to complete the survey.

“Participants will be asked a few questions about themselves and then about their reasons for exercising, it is online and will take about 15 minutes to complete”

Those wishing to take part can visit the project website in the related links section.