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Press Release - 26 September 2006

University signs 'green energy' contracts

The University of Bath has committed to buying 'green' electricity for its Bath and Swindon campuses, reducing emissions of carbon dioxide by about 10,000 tonnes each year.

The majority of the University’s energy will now come indirectly from a variety of renewable sources, including on-shore wind farms, hydro schemes, biomass plants and combined heat and power schemes.

The University has signed contracts with its current supplier, Scottish & Southern Electricity, to guarantee its renewable energy prices over the next two years. Its spend on electricity, gas and water for the next academic year is predicted to be in the region of £5 million.

“This decision reduces the emissions of carbon dioxide that we are responsible for, and helps make a contribution to reducing the impact of climate change,” said Peter Phelps, the University’s Energy & Environment Manager.

“It is planned that all future electricity supply contracts, including those for all our off-campus properties, will be negotiated on the basis of using green electricity where possible.

“Additionally, a study into renewable energy options for the campus is now underway and a large scale energy-awareness initiative is due to start soon.

“Like many large organisations, the global rise in energy prices is affecting the University, so any additional reductions in energy use that staff and students can make will have clear financial, as well as environmental, benefits.”

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